Champions List

Champions List

Wabasso School Extracurricular Programs

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Print Shop

The Print shop provides posters, signs, lamination and design at the request, primarily, from SDIRC schools. Assisted by students.

Special Olympics/5K

Wabasso students participate bi-annually in Special Olympics and Little Elites. Wabasso also hosts an annual 5K Event and has partnered with Love Serving Autism, a tennis program supported by the Mardy Fish Foundation.

Pals Day With St. Eds

Wabasso students annually participate in a "PALS DAY" with our friends at Saint Edward's. This event allows Wabasso students to interact with non-disabled peers in a structured, fun and friendly atmosphere. A very welcome and encouraged model of inclusive opportunity.

Life Skills Programming

Learning to Live is an Education Foundation grant funded program that allows students the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that are directly related to their needs and interests. Students participate in a wide range of activities, including but not limited to: Cooking, Gardening, Daily Living, Art, Self-Care. Students participate in this opportunity on a weekly basis.